devToM is an AI-powered Product Development platform that transforms and sustains ideas into successful products.
A SaaS tool combining the power of Artificial Intelligence, unstructured data and a system of best practices to enable product intelligence insights and optimal decisions at every stage in the product development journey.

Product Development expertise for everyone

Successful product development is the lifeblood of every company, whether it is introducing new products to the market or adapting existing ones to the ever-changing market environment and customer needs. Moreover, most products today are developed using a combination of technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes and customers have a large number of options to choose from.

To be successful in this competitive environment, product ideas need to be executed to perfection. Features need to be precisely in tune with accurately identified customer needs. Challenges due to regulatory compliance, manufacturing capability, intellectual property, global supply chains, and market trends need to be considered almost in real-time and baked into the product development.

Product designs need to also consider potential failures and risks in the field. Large companies throw enormous amounts of money into knowledge, manpower, and processes to deal with this complexity. Others who lack such resources hope that their innovative product will hit the mark. Hope is not a strategy and this is where devToM comes in.



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