Hello would-be world changers!

Welcome to devToM. Since this is our first blog post, let’s take a moment to look behind the curtain to understand how our development platform came to be.

Great Product Ideas Need A Great Platform

devToM was born out of a vision that the world needs more great products and every maker, inventor and entrepreneur deserve a chance to make a real difference with their world changing ideas… why? Because, why not? Without those who had that lightbulb moments and worked behind the curtains – think the likes of Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Sir Tim Berners Lee. Because of their ideas and the ability to execute on the product vision, our entire human race has progressed. You are possibly reading this on your laptop or tablet. Without these inventions and the internet where would we be today?

Guess what, ‘change is the only constant’ and there is plenty more of great ideas and great products to come. Is that going to come from you is the only question to ask. You could be a Bay Area entrepreneur creating a unique fitness band, or a farmer in Africa designing a low-cost irrigation tool, or a designer in London with a chic new line of clothing for kids. Whatever the product, we want these ideas to come to life. We understand every barrier and we have trained the devToM smart SaaS platform to help you navigate and overcome these barriers with every step within the process in the guided platform.

We recognize that the processes we use in R&D and product development departments are not available to most people, especially for early stage ideas and those with limited product development experience. Which means there are a lot of great ideas out there that need help becoming real. And that’s how and why we created devToM.

Your Idea with devToM

devToM exists for one real purpose. To help with the ‘execution’ of your ideas and turn them into great products that go on to change the world. Think of it like an executive assistant with the expertise that is usually at the hands of only few large product development firms. Yes, it has many features like the step-by-step interactive product development, but it is the expertise that you will truly learn to cherish when you use devToM. The platform that uses questions and Augmented Intelligence (AI) to create a unique personalized roadmap for you to follow in designing, developing and delivering your products to market.

The roadmap you use is not a rote process. devToM’s patented AI guidance system gives you an individualized plan and specific tools based on your needs, input and goals.

If your great idea is simply something jotted down on the back of a napkin, we help you define it and design it. If you already have a design, we help you identify your customers and stakeholders and guide you to transforming your idea into the product they want. Then we help you test it, prove it and get it ready. Wherever you are in the development process, we move you step-by-step to success.

How We Work Together.

devToM is a platform to execute upon your product development project. Whether it is a New Product Development (NPD) project or improvement of an existing product line or exploration of diversification opportunities for your company; you will be able to find a helping hand with devToM. So, taking a page out of our own book on proper product development, we invite a limited number of entrepreneurs to become our charter members. As we work together, our team will refine our system based on your feedback. devToM is now in a closed beta. There are limited openings available, so sign-up now!

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