Product Research Re-Imagined

Are you an entrepreneur? A product owner? Are you confused about what is next for your product or idea? Do you want to learn about the challenges?
Why waste time getting overwhelmed with thousands of links, when you have the right one, to help you climb the ladder!

devToM is an AI-powered Product Development platform which transforms ideas into successful products.

devToM and Product Development
Product development is what it takes to bring an innovative idea to reality and help you to improve your performance in the competitive market and also to improve the quality of your products. It can also be a great strategy to enhance an older product and increase its success with customers. However, before you begin, you need to have a clear view of your product, about its risks, how could you evolve it further, and muchmore.

devToM makes this happen smoothly, quickly and gives you a significant amount of clarity. It not only gives you insights but also has independent modules to make your journey go through with minimum obstacles.

Why devToM?
You might think that why to use devToM at all when you can find what you want with a search engine like Google or Bing.
Here are a few reasons why :

1)devToM is very specific to product development, whereas conventional search engines are designed to be generic. It has inbuilt filters and knowledge combined with artificial intelligence algorithms which combine product development best practices with expertise.

2) Search engines provide you with hundreds or maybe thousands of links, in which the information that might be useful is hidden and may be difficult or even impossible to find.
This type of research could take much more time, which you probably do not have. devToM makes your task simpler by providing all that you need to be organized appropriately in one place. On top of that, you can output your insights into a personalized report with one click.

3)People use search engines to find that one particular piece of information that might fulfill their specific purpose. For product development, that could be knowing more about competitors, similar products, market trends, government regulations or patents, and trademarks.
The devToM product intelligence module customizes insights in the context of your product or idea; unlike a search engine. devToM is also continually enriching its innate knowledge about various product categories — the insights you receive come from both internal datasets as well as targeted web searches. Moreover, it is also possible to add your knowledge to the system and let the devToM provide even more relevant insights.

4) Sometimes it’s challenging to make the right decisions, and you don’t always know where to look for help or what keywords to use with a search engine. devToM takes care of this with semantic and conceptual proximity searches, as opposed to keyword searches. Just explain your product or idea in your own words, and devToM does the rest.

5)devToM’s modules are customized with specific AI algorithms, machine learning datasets on knowledge tailored to exactly where you are in your product development journey. It is like having an expert guide you at every stage. We even have a name for this expert – Tom, our virtual AI assistant, is there for you.

devToM is also intuitive to use and is a simple plug and play system. There is no need to learn a complicated process.

There you are – all the ways how devToM can help your product research and development . Please sign up for a free trial at

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