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Development platform that transforms


Competitive Analysis

Develop a unique competitive advantage using AI


Market Intelligence

Collect live data and turn this into actionable insights


Patents and Trademarks

Dive into submitted patents and defend your innovations


Pricing Insights

Build your pricing strategy based on real market data


Product R&D

Develop high-quality products and services


Sentiment Analysis

Analyze mentions to give a live update on customers' emotional tone


Supply Chain Intelligence

Build a strong supply chain foundation using AI


Business Intelligence

Display the right insights from unstructured data

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The ultimate AI Product Management platform

Product Management is changing. We used the newest, cutting-edge AI technology to automate all product management processes and introduce a new era in the product management and product development industry. Our goal is to make tasks easier and help product managers innovate better while saving on time and budget! The complex AI algorithms integrated into devToM can scan multiple databases simultaneously, filter results, and generate useful reports and ready-to-use analyses, making product management processes easier and more accurate - based on live market data.


devToM Solutions

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Product Research

devToM AI tools for product research enable you to generate fast reports on scientific research, market trends and live market data related to your product or service.


Competitive Analysis

Deep dive into competitive activity to innovate better and react faster. devToM AI tools for competitive analysis provide you with a 360 view of historical data and current competitive activity regarding products, human resources and marketing communications.

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Blogs and Articles
  • Patents and Trademarks

Process Automation

devToM automates internal product management processes and helps you save time and money while generating accurate reports based on live market data. With devToM, you can easily extract reports on:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Consumer behavior
  • Law and regulations
  • Product safety regulations
  • Market trends
  • Competitive activity
  • Published patents
  • Industry news
  • Similar products or services
  • Scientific publications
  • Average pricing
  • Industry professionals

Innovate better

devToM AI tools for product development provide you with all the useful and updated information you need to focus on brainstorming, innovate better than your competition and bring valuable products to the market.

Maximize quality

Process automation gives you immediate access to laws and safety regulations published in your target markets and helps you design in compliance with them, delivering safe and quality products to your customers.

Transform the way your team works

devToM AI tools adapt to every phase of the product development cycle, optimize process and project management enabling your team members to work using accurate, live market data and adjust their deliverables accordingly.

Deep dive into Market Data

"Deep dive" feature and advanced search enable you to apply custom search algorithms on any data set to migrate any relevant information published and generate valuable results with no information gaps that might change the quality of the product lifecycle outcome.


Maximize performance

Live customer data and market trends help you match demand with offerings and develop valuable products that your target audience will instantly adopt. Sentiment analysis will help you constantly improve your product and keep-up with competition.