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Competitive Analysis

Develop a unique competitive advantage using AI


Market Intelligence

Collect live data and turn this into actionable insights


Patents and Trademarks

Dive into submitted patents and defend your innovations


Pricing Insights

Build your pricing strategy based on real market data


Product R&D

Develop high-quality products and services


Sentiment Analysis

Analyze mentions to give a live update on customers' emotional tone


Supply Chain Intelligence

Build a strong supply chain foundation using AI


Business Intelligence

Display the right insights from unstructured data

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Business Intelligence

devToM knowledge sources include the devToM Knowledge base (curated data sets), the entire web, various 3rd party API's (e.g. Regulations API, Patents API) and optionally a users entire collection of business files (formatted as PDF, Word Docs, Excel, PowerPoint or Text files).


devToM AI Business Intelligence for Product Development

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Business Intelligence for Product Development

Mine your internal data in all forms - documents, videos, images, and more to extract valuable insights relevant to your innovation or other product development projects. devToM's advanced AI capabilities such as Cognitive search, vision, and video recognition will do this easily and display the right insights at the right time from unstructured data and files. No need to organize your data!


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Apart from cognitive search and vision recognition capabilities, devToM's tribal knowledge feature helps customize your search with internal processes and knowledge which are typically used by internal experts. Use devToM as a training tool for new employees for effective product development!

  • Download the Business Intelligence Client for free with your subscription and use your own data to enhance your product development.
  • Your data stays on-premise and is never put on the cloud!